No matter the idea or issue, Toro delivers solutions

Toro Hill is a ‘must hire’ web developer.

Originally contracted for a project involving a PHP/MySQL-based question and answer (Q&A) module in 2011, I was initially impressed with Toro’s detailed proposal/outline, his revisions to applicable questions/concerns, and the delivery of the final code (on-time, on-budget, well done!).

Since late 2012, I’ve worked with Toro on an on-going monthly contract basis to handle programming (PHP/MySQL/JS/CSS) and server administration (Linux-based with WHM/CPanel) for MovieInsider.com. He has handled countless functionality requests and enhancements, investigated errors and provided bug fixes, refactored existing code, and completed server-related administrative tasks (backend optimization, MySQL upgrades, log rotate/disk usage, set-up of SSL certificates, etc.) - all with the utmost ease and talent.

No matter the idea or issue, Toro delivers solutions - he offers forward-thinking suggestions and insights, communicates in non-technical terms, remains flexible and just does great work! I wholeheartedly recommend Toro for your next project (but hope he still has time to fit me in!). Thank you Toro!

Brian D. Renner - Founder and Managing Owner, The Movie Insider LLC (2016)

high level of technical ability, ‘can do’ attitude and professionalism

In 2013 ESR engaged Karere Inc. to investigate and upgrade our Linux server environment and Web Edition CMS. Toro performed these tasks with a high level of technical ability, “can do” attitude and professionalism which resulted in successful on-time delivery of this project. His knowledge of the product suite, ability to understand the business environment he is working in and self-management style is outstanding. ESR continues to enjoy a great working relationship with this vendor.

Steve Pyne - CIO, Institute of Environmental Science and Research Limited (2016)

revolutionized the way that we operate

I’m not a technical person but Toro is great! He’s very patient at explaining and providing manuals on how our volunteers can update our website and our online ordering system.

Kiwi Community Assistance is very privileged to have Toro has part of our team. Toro has revolutionized the way that we operate by creating for us an online ordering system where over 50 partner agencies can go in and place unique orders. This allows our warehouse staff to see what stock needs to be packed ready to be distributed. Gone are the days with over 50 agencies calling us to place orders over the phone or emailing us.

Tracy Wellington - CEO and Co-Founder, Kiwi Community Assistance (2016)

so much more than a web developer

The talented Toro Hill is so much more than a web developer.

While we collaborated on my website refresh, he acted as a strategic business advisor and digital marketing expert, too. Within the first week of my web launch alone, his efforts helped me increase my web traffic by 12x compared to my original website!

A gifted, flexible and patient developer, Toro understands and delivers what web surfers - and Google - really want. His valuable insights and recommendations led to a superior end product.

(Prior to that, Toro worked on a short-term interim solution for me. It earned a 158% increase in average weekly web traffic compared to my original website.)

The biggest surprise? He took the time to teach me several HTML tips so I can manage my own content going forward. No other web developers have added as much value as Toro.

If you’re looking to elevate the quality of your website - and feel proud - I highly recommend Toro Hill.

Lisa Goller - MBA, Content Marketing Strategist (2015)

very knowledgeable in a variety of areas

Toro proved to be a great asset to our development team. He is very knowledgeable in a variety of areas and quickly adapts to new environments and systems. By far, one of the most conscientious developers I’ve had the pleasure of working with, he is capable of working within a team, but also excels when working independently. He possesses the ability to communicate technical information to non-technical people and asks appropriate questions in order to ascertain project requirements. I highly endorse Toro’s work.

Dawn O’Brien - Technical Manager, Interactive, Astral Television Networks (2012)

I really can’t say enough good things about him.

Simply put, Toro is one of the most reliable and efficient developers I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. Toro was one of the first employees at Going and stayed with us through our acquisition by AOL, working effectively both in-house as well as remotely. His time management, estimates, expectation setting, bug rates, etc. are among the best if not the best of any developer I know. Toro is versatile, handling complex front-end issues as well as general back end and db coding, and has a good sense of user experience and business communication as well. If that’s not enough he has a great attitude, is a quiet leader on the team, does not get frazzled easily. I really can’t say enough good things about him.

Roy Rodenstein - Director, AOL Inc. (2010)

If you don’t hire this man, I will (again).

Toro was a very ‘popular’ engineer at Going to work with. A product manager, upon delivering a spec, could expect Toro to return the spec with a number of well thought-out questions which pushed the limits and assumptions of the spec. A QA engineer could expect rigorous instructions on how to test a particular feature. His boss could expect accurate estimates on how long any given feature or function would take to build, with enough forethought on building for future enhancements. And his peers could expect solid, maintainable code that worked well with the rest of the code-base.

Toro is very easygoing, professional, and pleasant. If you don’t hire this man, I will (again).

Geoff Menegay - CTO, Co-founder, Going, Inc. (2010)

a great asset on any development team

I’ve worked with Toro for over 3 years at both Going.com and Global Protection. Toro is one of the only developers who thinks beyond the specification given out to him. He simultaneously acts like both a product manager and developer when setting out on projects and will bring up issues or areas that could cause future problems. Not only is he extremely detail oriented, but he’s also fast. His hard working and efficient attitude make him a great asset on any development team. I look forward to working on future projects with him.

Liz Goncalves - Online Marketing Specialist, Global Protection Corp. (2010)